Happy Customers with their FIAT

                         Cecilia with "Burnt Ranita"                                                                                     Bobby and Haley from Henderson
                          Antonio from Las Vegas                                                                         Rhonda with "Freddy the FIAT" from Las Vegas
                              Aida from Las Vegas                                                                                Josh with "Lil Copper" from Henderson
                     Guy with "Piat" from Las Vegas                                  Ramona and Maurice with "Lean mean clean green machine" from Las Vegas
                 Tom with "Nerorosito" from Henderson                                                                                        Nick with "Nico"

                     Zack with "Tiny" from Las Vegas                                                                                Bill with "boocat" from Las Vegas
                          Jennifer with "Sole Sister"                                                                               Keoni with "DJ" from Las Vegas
                      Tina McGuire with her Abarth                                                                            Juana & Penelope